Custom Configured 4-Button Magnetek SBP2 Pendant

Product Number: 2SBP4
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About Custom Configured 4-Button Magnetek SBP2 Pendant


The 2SBP4 is a solid 4-button Pendant Pushbutton Station from Waukesha Crane. Trust us, the pendant actually does have four buttons (somebody hired a short photographer). This is a tough, safe, and simple unit – ergonomically designed to avoid discomfort or fatigue. It’s got a slim-line design to fit right in the palm of your hand. Even though the pushbutton station is easy to use, it’s tough enough to withstand the most brutal elements in the industry. 

If you’re really going to work outside in -10 degrees or inside at 150 degrees F, the 2SBP4 Pendant Push button station from Waukesha Crane will stay right with you. It’s lightweight, high-impact resistant, and watertight. This is a durable piece of equipment suitable for any industrial workplace. The custom design with easy-to-read functions has a prewired common circuit to all switches. Wiring is easy – very easy. Stainless steel hanger rings are simple to attach to the strain relief cable. The unit is suitable for either AC or DC applications. It’s definitely not like traditional clunky pendants. This is to Pendant Stations what Secretariat was to race horses! 

The design delivers a truly revolutionary electromotive system. Switches are protected against both internal and external contaminants. A sturdy gasket resists chemicals with a tight seal between the two halves of the enclosure. If needed, the button plates and nameplates are easy to remove. The cumulative contacts for 2 and 3-speed switches give you a precise feel, preventing mistakes. Inside, the enclosure has plenty of space for switch wiring. This is an extremely well-designed unit. You – and your workers – are going to like it! UL/cUL/CSA listed.

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