CM ShopStar Electric Chain Hoist

Product Number: 2119
CM ShopStar Electric Chain Hoist
CM ShopStar Electric Chain Hoist
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About CM ShopStar Electric Chain Hoist

The CM 2119 ShopStar Electric Chain Hoist from Waukesha Crane is well-named. This is truly a “Shop Star” in any rugged industrial or commercial workplace. It features a tough compact design with outstanding H4 duty cycles. It can handle up to 300 motor starts an hour, giving you 1,000 pounds of life capacity with a ten foot lift height. A standard overload device protects everything and everybody – the operator, other nearby workers, and surrounding equipment, as well as the hoist itself. It’s your rugged, lightweight and reliable work partner which will be a great help wherever you need it. Excellent design means easy installation and maintenance. The gear train is lifetime-lubricated with non-oxidizing grease, so there are no leaky, messy oil change outs (environmentally friendly, too). The hoist motor is thermally protected, making the CM 2119 ShopStar electric chain hoist from Waukesha Crane able to perform in even the toughest workplace. 

The cast aluminum frame is durable and protective. The hardened forged steel lower hook is latch-style and rotates 360°. It’s safer too – the rigid hook suspension prevents power cord tangling. The hoist frame is completely enclosed and non-ventilated, protecting it from environmental contamination in even the dustiest conditions. This excellent chain hoist is proudly made in the USA with precision bearings used throughout. You’ll never regret this purchase, especially with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. There’s a 6-1/2 ft. power cord with a sturdy, molded 3 prong plug on 115 volt units. The CM 2119 ShopStar electric chain hoist from Waukesha Crane has a high NEMA 4 rating. CSA/US rated. If you’re looking for a world standard piece of equipment, this is it.

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