Custom Lifting Beam Solutions

Custom Lifting BeamsLifting beams are used to make difficult lifts easier. In many situations, lifting beams are not merely a helpful device but an absolute necessity. They are generally comprised of a steel beam with a single lift point on top and multiple lift points below. Lifting triangles and spreaders also fall under the general crane equipment services category of lifting beams.

Waukesha Crane offers a range of lifting beams to accommodate the needs of virtually all industrial applications. From the manufacturing of a crane with 1 ton capacity to the installation of a 500 ton crane, they are all designed for safety, durability and ease of operation. Our on-site fabrication facility utilizes the most sophisticated technologies available to ensure our lifting beams comply with all industry standards for calculations, manufacturing, testing, and CE marking.

Mastering Crane Lift Points

In addition to offering lifting beams in a variety of configurations, we build custom-sized beams upon request, made as the most durable lift points for your cranes. If you have specific customization needs for any job, the lifting beam experts at Waukesha Crane are available to discuss how we can be of assistance. Our overhead bridge crane technicians also carry a complete line of shackles, hooks, chokers, slings, and any other crane accessories you may require for your lifting beam installation.

As with all the equipment we sell, Waukesha Crane Service can assist you in performing your OSHA Safety Inspection to ensure your lifting beam installation is in full compliance with Federal law.

Contact our crane accessories providers for more information on custom lifting beams.