Powered and Manual Hoist Trolleys for Electric Chain Hoists

Your chain hoist does not have to remain stationary. Hoist trolleys let you move your hoist and its load through your shop with ease. Waukesha Crane has the hoist trolley you need to move heavy loads safely and smoothly. Powered trolleys do all the work for you while manual trolleys require users to push the load along the track. Whether you choose a CM RailStar motor driven trolley or a manual CBTP0025 trolley, all the trolleys offered by Waukesha Crane are durable, top quality hoist trolleys giving years of dependable service.

Manual Hoist Trolleys: A Cost Effective Transportation Solution

Transporting a ¼ ton load without a hoist trolley from your machine shop, paper mill or metal fabrication shop floor to the loading dock is difficult. Moving a 3 ton load is impossible. Manual hoist trolleys are an economical way to mobilize your electric chain hoist and allow you to move loads through your business quickly and easily. The CM CTP can handle loads up to 3 tons, while the CBT0025 has a max capacity of 5 tons. A major benefit of the CM CTP is its adjustable size, so you can use it on a variety of beam sizes. Whatever your manual hoist trolley need, Waukesha Crane has the equipment.

Motorized Hoist Trolleys Make Short Work of the Heaviest Loads

Even with a manual trolley, moving a 2 ton load from one end of your shop to the other is a serious pain. Installing a motorized hoist trolley makes transporting any load a breeze. The CM RailStar can move 4 ton loads at 78 feet per minute. Even heavier loads can be handled by the Yale MDT01-1. 7 ½ ton loads can be moved at 50 feet per minute, while lighter load configurations achieve top speeds of 75 feet per minute with the Yale MDT01-1. There is no better way to transport raw materials or finished products around the shop floor than with a chain hoist on a motorized trolley from Waukesha Crane.

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