Yale Motor Driven Trolley

Product Number: MDT01-1
Yale Motor Driven Trolley
Yale Motor Driven Trolley
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About Yale Motor Driven Trolley

If it’s time to get a trolley for your Yale brand hoist, this Yale Motor Driven Trolley from Waukesha Crane is what you need for fast, precise positioning in all sorts of lifting applications. It attaches directly to the hoist suspension lug, forming a tight, integrated hoist/trolley connection. This type of motor-driven trolley is what you need for heavy duty cycles with heavier capacities and longer lifts. For applications where the operator can’t touch or be near the load, you’ll need this Yale motor driven trolley from Waukesha Crane.

With its four- button pendant station – which is standard for controlling the hoist and trolley motions – control voltage is used from the hoist control. On the trolley, steel frame side plates extend beyond the wheels for end stop contact. Side plates have tapped holes for collector bracket attachment. Wheels are manufactured with forged heat-treated steel with contour tread for use on American Standard I-Beams or wide flange beams. 

The traverse motor is 30-minute rated for when the application requires a lengthy lift. The motor can take it, being totally enclosed and non-ventilated with class “F” insulation to withstand even the harshest and dustiest work environments. The traverse gearing is housed in a heavy duty right angle drive reducer. An output pinion meshes with machine cut wheel gears. 

Trolley controls are housed in a NEMA 1 enclosed panel mounted on the trolley side for easy access. The controls include a reversing contractor, terminal strip, and NEMA 4X pendant station. Hoist and trolley push-button controls are standard. The Yale Motor Driven Trolley from Waukesha Crane is your answer for a heavy-duty, long-lasting, and top-quality trolley for faster positioning of your Yale hoist.

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