Electric Chain Hoist Installation and Training

An electric chain hoist is an investment for your machine shop, paper mill, or metal fabrication shop. With the right hoist, increased productivity and efficiency on the shop floor go beyond possible and become certain. Failing to properly install or train your employees in its use is a serious risk. Some retailers are happy to sell you an electric chain hoist and let you figure out the rest. Waukesha Crane stocks chain hoists and has the personnel on staff to perform the electric chain hoist installation, offering the education for your employees to ensure safe, efficient operations. We even perform proper crane operation training on all of our crane equipment services.

Electric Chain Hoist

Superior Chain Hoist Safety

As simple as an electric chain hoist is, there are multiple safety issues which can arise from improper use. Poor balancing, overburdening, and excessive travel speeds can result in damaged products and injured workers. Let Waukesha Crane instruct your paper mill, machine shop, or metal fabrication shop in the safest, most efficient methods of electric chain hoist operation. Moving a 3 ton load across your shop with a chain hoist and trolley should be easy. Done improperly, it’s a huge liability. Swinging loads can injure or kill employees. Lowering a load too fast can easily damage or destroy a finished product. Waukesha Crane will help you make the most of chain hoist safety by teaching your employees to use them in a superior manner.

OSHA Inspections in Wisconsin

An unexpected OSHA safety inspection can cause major disruptions in your Wisconsin operations. OSHA has no standard specific to electric hoist chains, but there are requirements you need to follow. The ANSI/ASME B30.16 consensus standard applies to all underslung hoists, including those sold by Waukesha Crane. Failure to abide by the industry consensus standards can result in your shop being cited by OSHA. Do not risk an OSHA citation. Buy your electric chain hoist from Waukesha Crane and let our professionals install it and train your employees on its best use procedures.

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