Electric Chain Hoists

Your Source for Electric Chain Hoists

Buy a high quality electric chain hoist from Waukesha Crane and you can count on years of dependable service in your machine shop, metal fabrication shop, or paper mill. Our top of the line CM Lodestar and Coffing JLC hoists are made in the USA by craftsmen using the best materials. Chain hoists have several distinct advantages over wire rope hoists. An electric chain hoist is smaller, more durable, and cheaper than a wire rope hoist rated to the same lift capacity. True vertical lifting is only accomplished by a chain hoist, making the choice simple. Select an electric chain hoist from Waukesha Crane to enable your operation to lift heavier capacities quickly and safely for years to come.

The Right Chain Hoist for Your Machine Shop

Waukesha Crane has a wide variety of chain hoist configurations available. Whether your shop currently lifts capacities of 1/8 ton, 1/4 ton, or even loads up to 3 tons, we have a hoist for you. Single and variable lifting speed models are available for a range of load configurations, including chain hoists lifting at 10 FPM, 60 FPM or a selectable 5.3/32 FPM. Additionally, 115V, 230V and 460V power supplies are offered, as well as dual voltage options. Certain lift speeds, load ratings, and power supplies are incompatible. Our easy-to-use hoist selector lets you pick the features you want and will automatically remove unavailable options as you go. The unbelievably cheap price will be displayed as soon as you have finished designing your electric chain hoist. You will get the exact hoist you want with no hidden costs. Waukesha Crane’s impressive selection of electric chain hoists has the exact hoist your operation needs.

Chain Hoist Model Variations

The CM Lodestar, CM ShopStar, CM Man Guard and Coffing JLC are all superior electric chain hoists. Each model is slightly different and optimized for certain duties. The CM Lodestar is a dependable workhorse with easy maintenance and quiet operation. CM ShopStars offer H4 duty cycles in a compact size. A heavy duty beast with enhanced safety features, the CM Man Guard will give rock solid performance over years of tough lifting. A Coffing JLC is a small unit with big lift capacities. All four models have a rigid mounting hook, so you can install the hoist almost anywhere and reposition it with ease. Waukesha Crane is your choice for electric chain hoists.

Contact the electric chain hoist experts at Waukesha Crane for all of your shop’s lifting needs.