Radio Remote Controls

Radio Remote ControlPerhaps it is because radio remote control devices are so small in comparison to overhead crane systems, but they never seem to get the attention or the credit they deserve. Fact is, radio remote controls have dramatically improved both productivity and safety in virtually every work environment where they’re deployed. At Waukesha Crane, our radio remote controls use advanced technology to offer the user small, lightweight yet exceptionally robust transmitters designed to reduce user fatigue, damage, and wear and tear.

Remote control units provide an extra measure of safety by giving the crane operator the safest vantage point possible for controlling the crane. There is no need for a second person to stabilize the load while guiding it into place. The end result – whether in Wisconsin, Illinois, or anywhere else in the United States – is the safest and most economical control system for crane and chain hoist applications.

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All the wireless remote control units offered by Waukesha Crane use the latest, state-of-the-art remote control technology. The operator is able to freely move around your work area while setting the load precisely into position. The transmitters in these systems are very powerful and can work across a broad frequency spectrum from considerable distances. All of our crane equipment services have been proven to work flawlessly in the most demanding of work settings.

Whether you are considering a remote control system for overhead bridge cranes, monorail hoists and trolleys, or any other materials transfer application, Waukesha Crane will assist you in choosing the system best suited to your specific needs. We provide on-site setup and training to ensure your employees know how to use the system for optimal safety and performance. We can also perform your OSHA Safety Inspection to ensure your operation is in full compliance with the law.

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