Variable Frequency Drives Save Money and Increase Productivity

Variable Frequency Drive SystemsInstalling variable frequency drives – or a VFD as they are commonly known – for your machine shop, paper mill or metal fabricating shop’s machinery will do more than just save money. A VFD extends the life of your equipment and provides increased productivity. Waukesha Crane’s variable frequency drives allow automated control of hoist, bridge, trolley and combined overhead crane motions. Automated controls reduce wasted electrical usage, are easier on equipment components and let you set the precise operating speed for your equipment. No matter how many machines you want fitted with a variable frequency drive, Waukesha Crane has the crane equipment services to complete every job the right way.

Lower Costs with a VFD

A crane does not need full power running to its motor at all times. Without a VFD installed, your equipment is using the same amount of electricity no matter the size of the load or travel speed. Separate from pendant station enclosures, variable frequency drives control the amount of energy being used for an application so only the exact amount required is drawn, greatly reducing wasted electricity. The amount of money you save on energy costs with a VFD often pays for the unit in a matter of months. Your conductor bar system will benefit greatly from the right variable frequency drive. Experience lower costs year after year with a control panel from Waukesha Crane.

Crane Control Panels for Superior Precision

Automated power control allows a variable frequency drive to start and stop machine operations smoothly. Sudden motion is overly hard on equipment and leads to increased maintenance costs and premature failure. A smooth start prevents shocking a machine, while fluid reduces wear on breaks, belts, bearings, and gears. With our superior crane control panels, you pick the motor’s operating speed at any point within the equipment’s parameters. Your employees will no longer be forced to work at a machine’s pace and productivity will increase due to reduced injuries, errors and wasted time. Crane control panels (VFD) from Waukesha Crane are the best way to operate your shop’s equipment cheaply with optimum precision for years to come.

Contact the variable frequency drive specialists at Waukesha Crane to dramatically reduce your shop’s energy use.